RNA or DNA – is that really the right question?

I invite you to listen to the podcast of RDC radio broadcast “From another planet” hosted by Dr. Łukasz Badowski, in which we talked about the conclusions of our article on the possible common origins of RNA and DNA, which was recently published by Nature in collaboration with Rafał Szabla and Mikołaj Janicki and the team of John Sutherland from the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology. Perhaps we haven’t discussed much about our contribution, but I am hoping that this conversation will encourage you to read the article. For the sake of completeness. A mysterious colleague from Harvard University that I failed to present is astrophysicist Dimitar Sasselov, who visited the Wrocław University of Science and Technology recently. Warsaw specialists in the so-called ultra-cold chemistry are Robert Moszyński and Michał Tomza. The NASA mission I meant was OSIRIS-REx – the probe is currently orbiting the Bennu asteroid (not the comet, as I said) and seems to have already taken the first samples. In 2021, it will begin a return journey to Earth, which should complete in 2023.

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